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Reveal This Path To Toxin-Free Living

Make your home a warm, pure sanctuary. Discover how to create a healthier environment for you and your family, and live a lifestyle of wellness, purpose, and abundance.
Reveal This Path To Toxin-Free Living
Make your home a warm, pure sanctuary. Discover how to create a healthier environment for you and your family, and live a lifestyle of wellness, purpose, and abundance.
Reveal This Path Now

Reveal This Path Now

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Welcome to Oil Transformations!

Oil Transformations is more than a community of oil lovers, we are one big family helping one another to achieve well-being!

Wendy Moore founded the Oil Transformations Team about 5 years ago in Sarasota, FL. However, her awareness of Essential Oils began in late 1995. She was intrigued by Essential Oils, but at that time, she had just become involved with another wellness company and was laser focused on growing her team and sharing the benefits of the supplements that had helped her lose weight.  

In mid 1999, Pam a friend and member of her team suggested she try two Essential Oils that might help her meet her goals. Wendy began wearing Abundance and Believe Essential Oils from Young Living in place of perfume. Friends and even strangers started asking her what she was wearing. Wendy noticed that people seemed more attracted to her. “When I mentioned this to Pam, she laughed and said it was the frequencies in the oils. I didn’t understand, but it was good for my business so I continued wearing them and within 6 months, I achieved the top rank in the companies compensation plan.”

Little by little, Wendy added Young Living products into her healthcare routine, using products that her company did not offer, like Young Living's Balance Complete for breakfast. One day while talking to Pam, Wendy mentioned that she had found a cleaning product at a discount store. She shared that is was concentrated and at full-strength it could even remove red spills and stains; however, the drawback was that it made her cough and her eyes would burn. As a nurse, Pam cautioned Wendy about the dangers of those reactions. “That’s the day I learned about chemicals and the hazards they cause in the environment and especially to our bodies. Pam told me Young Living had a plant based cleaner without harmful chemicals that smelled wonderful. It was also concentrated but I wouldn’t have to worry about toxic effects when using it. In fact, I could use this one product to clean EVERY surface in my home for about $1.50 and it was safe for the family & our pets!”

One by one, Wendy started switching out the chemical laden products in her home while continuing to learn about harmful side effects and the lack of government regulations in the US where chemical additives were concerned.

Wendy replaced everything under her kitchen sink with Thieves Household Cleaner and kitchen and laundry products infused with essential oils. She ditched candles and plug-ins and replaced them with a Young Living Diffuser and Essential Oils. “The Oils support our emotions and stress levels, helping us to feel calm and relaxed. Next came my personal care items like toothpaste, facial care, body care, hair care and hand soaps. Essential Oils are in every nook and cranny of my home. For me, it was a lifestyle change over time.”

In 2012, Wendy’s WHY for change and sharing with others became much larger...

“My mother died suddenly at 72 from a massive pulmonary embolism. Anyone who knew my mom knew that cleaning was her hobby. If it didn’t smell strong, it wasn’t clean. The chemicals contained in her favorite cleaners are known for causing negative side effects that disrupt healthy functions; it’s possible they also contributed to her death.”

Wendy knew for a certainty that see didn’t want to see friends and family suffer due to a lack of awareness and public education regarding the harmful toxins and chemicals found in  household cleaners and personal care products.

Wendy's purpose magnified once she was blessed with a beautiful new life. Her first grandchild was born just 9 months after losing her mom.

The Oil Transformations Team is one big family, enjoying a way of life that is centered around helping others to bring awareness, wellness, purpose and abundance to their lives. We invite you to join our family and experience the benefits first-hand!

Wendy & the Oil Transformations Team

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